About Sonia Mylonas

Diversity, Astoria was built on it. Its streets are filled with foods from all over the world, its residents span from Greek to Italian, Middle Eastern and Asian, South American and everywhere else you can think of.
And among the diverse wave of cuisines, businesses, and cultures that have and always will make up Astoria there are individuals who not only connect the community together but strive to push it forward.
Sonia Mylonas is just such an individual. Australian raised, Mylonas came to New York over 10 years ago and in just a short period of time she’s put her stamp on New York’s not so small corner of the globe.
Owner and CEO of O'Connor and Tate, you have no doubt seen her work every time you frequent one of Astoria’s many popular restaurants or businesses that Sonia and her team have had a hand in branding.
Mylonas has been the recipient of multiple awards for her ongoing support of the community by the city councils along with proclamations and certifications of recognition for her work within Queens. It is because of this involvement with the community and O'Connor and Tate's support of

the local that Sonia began Give Me Astoria (GMA).
An online News, Dining and Events blog, GMA has become one of the most followed blogs in Queens. Through GMA’s online and social media presence Mylonas has helped provide residents and visitors with everything they need to know about Astoria while helping spread the word about some of its hidden gems.
Sponsoring multiple charities and events alike, Mylonas has proven herself an integral part in the community and its growth.
There is very little that this young thirty something-year-old entrepreneur has yet to accomplish.
O'Connor and Tate and Give Me Astoria’s headquarters, located on 23-28 Steinway Street, is always open to the public. The popular storefront serves as a central location for both the design, marketing and branding of O'Connor and Tate, and as an HQ for GMA.
Proving her business and herself as a true staple of the community Mylonas is at the forefront of Astoria’s constantly growing demographic, making sure that its businesses and residents thrive.

Serving on the board

Athens Square Inc
Hell Gate
Immigration Advocacy
New York Anti-Crime
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